organic or inoganic fake followers by mohsin durrani


By : Mohsin Durrani

The term growth has a positive connotation when you think about it. No wonder people say “The more the merrier”, But if it is fake growth, the term does not seem to be that alluring any longer – fake growth sounds inauthentic and forged!

In corporate life, 2 people start together, 1 keep growing and other grows at a lesser pace relatively. They both might be equally educated and equal from capability perspective. But, probably one of them is either able to establish his value. This is organic growth. However, in few cases you will find, biases and perceptions play a big role. If perception is more of a judgement based on experience, it is fine, but if it is based on others’ judgement, then it could be dangerous. This might lead to inorganic growth in one’s career by helping him land him big role or position etc.also be an indicator of attracting more potential customers!

YES, organic follower growth is great, but what about inorganic growth? Some might argue that it is still growth, no matter what. But inorganic growth refers to follower growth that is not natural but forged. In contrast to organic growth, inorganic growth is faked by buying followers. Most of those fake followers are bots most likely. The main concern is that those accounts are not genuine followers who are honestly interested in the content the influencer shares. So it is unlikely that an influencer with fake growth is reaching your potential customers.

A bot is an automated system that users can sign up for which accesses your Instagram profile (once you provide your login and password which is sketchy to begin with) and the system generates automated engagement (likes, comments and following and unfollowing users) automatically with other users, without your active presence.

Building social followers, subscribers and an online community through the sole use of high-quality posts is, essentially, organic social marketing. When you interact with your community of people who comment and share the posts, it is also a form of organic marketing. When posts are relevant and valuable to followers, this organic approach can prove successful.

When you play with these automated style of profile-building programs, you are bound to attract some unwanted followers, USELESS FOLLOWERS. Because there are so many bots and fake followers out there, using bots will also attract bots because of how the programs are built.

Being consistent with your posting, engaging with other accounts and followers in real time YOURSELF and focusing on high quality content, are the most important strategies to building a successful profile. Remember fake followers and bots are not the answer, YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY WITH FAKE FOLLOWERS and USING BOTS or AUTOMATED PROGRAMS.

In reality BOT’s are saving your DATA & PROFILE to create a similar BOT or a FAKE Follower.

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