Life Vs Human By Khaleek Kohistani

Life VS Human

By : khaleek kohistani

Often people sit together and make plans for the circumstances that have yet to come. They are afraid of the future and, instead, make their present worse; knowing that they are not detached but are dependent on life. There are many time-guzzling machines which we all know; especially the Social Media, Technology, Gup Shup (Gossip) with people, etc. Then there are many others which cannot be listed down here even if we turn all the trees of the world into a pen and all the water of the seas into ink. What I am referring to here as an example is Cricket because this is one beast that is forever thirsty for Time. It thrills us, entertains us, and even blesses us with a little time to sit quietly with the members of our family, proving to them that we are with them physically though we are never present mentally. There are various species living and spending their lives in different regions of the world.

Everyone predominantly exists to prepare for a better future; to learn through counselling and guidance from other people, to learn from personal experiences, to learn from whatever is currently happening around them. There’s so much planning, so much brainstorming, so much writing, so many dairies, so many mentors, so many teachers, so many life-coach, so many life-changing books, so many trainings, so many workshops and so many other stuff in life which cannot be ever counted. They are our ‘everyone and everything’ in this world. It seems that life is standing yonder and watching things happening to us. While life laughs at us and at our plans, the world thinks of us as losers who are in a battle with her. I don’t know what makes her believe that we will lose the battle with her in the end. Winning and losing is never a motive of a game but it is a pathetic factor of Fortune. Life bears us and we pass by. Life plays with us at every instant, with the conviction that she can manipulate and alter the existence of every individual, even though our Fate has been preordained by Allah (SWT) the Creator.

The best thing about life is that she believes in herself more than we believe in ourselves. Which is why she tends to win every battle, though only because we never believe in ourselves any more than other creations. So, I was talking about cricket. Whether it is T20 or T10, the players of every team have ample time to strategically move on. Instead, they have their own game plans to act upon. What I believe is, they must plan for that which they have pre-decided. And if things are not happening the way they want, they should not try to stifle their plans. Instead, they should look for other means to keep with their plans stick to whatever they have actually schemed. Any time anything wrong happens to them they turn their backs and open a new file that prompts them to adopt Plan “B”. What I believe is turning and showing your back to Plan “A” is Life’s victory and your Failure. The pathetic joke on us is that we never plan for the best but we plan whatever will be liked by our life and fortune, whatever will work to make us happy. I do not know what they will be labelled as, if they stick to the pre-game plan—pessimists, orthodox, bad planners, losers, conventional, compromisers, fundamentalists or any of the so many adjectives that can associate them with dark spaces. People are running after planning, pre-planning, during-the-planning and post-planning stages. They never run after the One Who has created all the factors and directed all these, to be available for them. It all shows that life can twist and bend us as and when she wants. She is least concerned with what we actually desire. She does what she thinks is right. But the question is: Is justice that is in her eyes justice for us?

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